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Providing Ireland with Renewable Energy Sources

Energy prices are on the rise and now is the best time to look into renewable energy. C.A.Energy offer a number of cost effective solutions to your energy problems. Our renewable energy systems will reduce your energy bills and provide you with all your energy needs whether it be hot water, heating or electricity. Our Solar Panels can provide Hot water to your home or business in any weather condition. This is possible because they are Thermodynamic Solar Panels. These are the next generation of solar panels. They don’t need direct sunlight to work and will even work during the night! They are perfect for the Irish climate. We also offer Heat pump systems. These systems will heat your home both efficiently and effectively throughout the year. It is a great alternative to a traditional fossil fuel boiler.

These systems will save you money on your annual fuel bill and in time will even pay for themselves. They are low maintenance and will provide hot water or heating all year round. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve our planet for future generations.




Switch to solar panels and produce hot water all year round at a fraction of your current energy costs. Thermodynamic solar panels are the next generation of solar panels. They don’t require sunlight and are perfect for the Irish climate.


Your Home Heating bill is one of the biggest bills that you have to face each month. Heat Pumps are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. It is the perfect way to heat your home or business.


We also provide maintenance and repair services for a number of solar systems throughout Ireland. Solar servicing is offered for both thermodynamic solar systems and conventional solar systems. This includes systems such as evacuated tube and flat plate solar systems.

Customer Reviews

For any one considering going green and fitting some form of solar heating. We would totally recommend this system. It does exactly what it says, day or night, with or without sunshine at reasonable comparative cost. Installation was easy and professional. Absolutely brilliant.

S & L
Co. Waterford

We are extremely happy with the way the work was carried out. They went about their work in a very professional and efficient way and there was no mess at all. Woke up this morning and the system was reading 55 degrees. Hot water available all day. Very happy.

J & A O'Sullivan
Co. Kerry

The system is fantastic. We are delighted with the amount of hot water we have at all times. The installation was clean and hassle-free and the lads were very friendly.

N. Murphy
Co. Cork

Very happy with everything. Every time I go to the tap I have hot water, with five of us in the house I never have to do anything to get hot water, just leave the system work.

D. O'Sullivan
Co. Cork


We have a number of qualifications to ensure all of our work is completed to the highest possible standard.

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