Here are a number of frequently asked questions by our customers when enquiring about solar systems. If you have any further questions then you can contact us at 022 72838 or complete our online Contact Form.


Q. Will the panel work on a rainy day if it is only 5°C outside?
A. Yes it will. Thermodynamic solar panels work using environmental energy. They don’t require high temperatures or even sunlight to work.


Q. What happens if we install 2 panels on the roof?
A. The heating time will be reduced by half.


Q. Is it necessary to have any special power sockets?
A. No, a regular socket will be sufficient.


Q. Does the system use a lot of electricity?
A. No, a regular installation would use approximately 500W of electricity through the use of a compressor.


Q. Must the panel be fitted on the roof?
A. No but we advise them to be south facing, ideally with an inclination angle between 45° and 90°. They can be fitted to an outside wall, roof or situated in your garden. They can also be placed East or West facing and will achieve minimal efficiency in this manner.


Q. Does the roof need to be reinforced?
A. No, the panels only weigh 8kg each and measure 2m x 80cm.


Q. Can these panels produce electricity?
A. No they can’t. Thermodynamic solar panels are only capable of generating hot water.


Q. Is regular maintenance necessary?
A. There is no maintenance unless damage has been caused which has allowed the refrigerant to leak. For any maintenance or repair queries please see our Solar Servicing page.


Q. Is the system provided with any device to treat bacteria such as legionella?
A. Yes. In accordance with current legislation there is a circuit to raise the temperature up to 70°C which is manually activated and automatically disconnected.


Q. Is the equipment guaranteed?
A. Our cylinders and panels come with a 10 year guarantee and there is a 3 year guarantee on the compressor parts.


Q. Do you have references I can contact and potentially visit?
A. All of our customers without exception have been extremely happy with how the system has performed for them and some of these customers are kind enough to receive calls and even let potential customers view their system.


Q. Do the gasses in the system ever contaminate the domestic water?
A. No due to the unique design of the system our heat exchanger is wrapped around the outside of the cylinder which eliminates any possibility of cross contamination.