Below are just a number of reviews from our happy customers.

Thermodynamic Solar Testimonials

For any one considering going green, and fitting some form of solar heating. We would totally recommend this system. It does exactly what it says, day or night, with or without sunshine at reasonable comparative cost. Installation was easy and professional. Absolutely brilliant.

S & L – Co. Waterford

We are extremely happy with the way the work was carried out. They went about their work in a very professional and efficient way and there was no mess. Woke up this morning and the system was reading 55 degrees. Hot water available all day. Very happy.

J & A O’Sullivan – Co. Kerry

The system is fantastic. We are delighted with the amount of hot water we have at all times. The installation was clean and hassle-free and the lads were very friendly.

N. Murphy – Co. Cork

My wife and I are delighted with the system. It’s great to have hot water on demand all the time.

B. O’Driscoll – Co. Cork

Never seen anything like it before. It’s so efficient, makes no noise and gives me hot water when I want it, I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner. It’s a brilliant system.

Michael – Co. Limerick

I’m delighted with the system. Eamonn left at 4pm and our two boys had showers by 7pm. Even in the overcast weather we have hot water 24/7. Cannot believe it.

G. Buckley – Co. Cork

Brilliant – Big rugby house here and had seven showers one evening and still had some hot water.

D. Fitzgerald – Co. Limerick

Very happy with everything. Every time I go to the tap I have hot water, with five of us in the house I never have to do anything to get hot water, just leave the system work.

D. O’Sullivan – Co. Cork

System does exactly what I was told it would do. Have used almost a tank less of oil since I got the system installed.

P. Kennedy – Co. Cork

Delighted with the system. I have hot water every time I want it.

J. Ladd – Co. Cork

Heat Pump Testimonials

After an amount of research to see could I find an efficient system as an alternative to oil, which was what I had to heat my house and water, I came across, the Daikin Altherma heat pump system. As I have a 3000sq ft Dormer bungalow, I was concerned that with the continuous rise in the price of oil, it would become cost prohibitive to maintain the heat within the house. I met Eamonn Ryan, of CAEnergy at a show in Clonmel, in July 2013. Eamonn explained the concept to me, and even-though it looked good on the figures produced, I wanted more information. Eamonn kindly visited my premises and took stock of my existing heating system, and advised that the Daikin Altherma high temperature would be the ideal choice as I had 17 Runtel radiators throughout the premises. I was asked at what temperature did I want the internal rooms to be at and I suggested that 18.5 deg C would be more than adequate over the winter months. The period in question was from Nov – April, 6 months. Eamonn fed this information into his laptop software, and made a comparison between oil and the Daikin heat-pump system. To maintain that temperature using oil would be in the region of €4000.00 and using the Daikin heat-pump system would be in the region of €1600.00 a saving of 40%.

I decided to go ahead and install the units which was carried out in Nov 21st 2013, and to be honest I am more than pleased with the system installed. The initial running cost to get the house up to the acceptable temperature was a bit frightening, running at €8.00/day but once the house had built up its heat, it levelled out at €6.00 / Day. To explain my house, I have a two storey dormer bungalow with the heating split into two regions, up-stairs and downstairs, by electronic valves. The power supply to these valves was interrupted by installing temp sensors, one in the downstairs hall, and one in the upstairs landing area. These sensors were set for day/night, with the downstairs set at min 19.5 in the day and 18.5 in the night. The upstairs was set at 20.0 for night and 18.5 in the day. The only interaction I have to do, is in the morning switch both sensors to day, and at night switch to night use. The heating comes on when the temp drops and as soon as the temp reaches its target it switches off. I can also monitor my system as a Kw/Hr meter was installed and I can see at a glance my consumption. Currently after 91 days after initial installation, the consumption is 2883.07 units @ .19c/unit works out at a cost of €547.78 or €6.01 / day. This would equate to €1095.56 for six months. Considerably less than the initial figure of €1600.00.

On the basis of these figures, I am more than happy with the Daikin Heat Pump system and would have no hesitation in indorsing it as the way forward.

P. Mullaly – Co. Tipperary

Just thought I would give you a progress report regarding the heating system. It took a little time to get used to as September proved a little too warm to simply switch it on and forget about it. From October we have had the system switched on and set to just 35 degrees. It keeps the house at about 18 (my study) to 21(upstairs hallway) degrees or thereabouts which is very comfortable. Given the size of the house which I reckon to be about 2250 sq feet, and the lack of any insulation bar the kitchen, with the exception the double glazing and sheep’s wool in the roof cavity – I have found the cost to be surprising and less than I think you estimated. So far it is coming to an extra €200/month. So for May to September the electricity costs without heating are €200/month and rise to €400 after that. So it just comes to €200/month for 7 months or €1,400 yearly. We are simply delighted.

J. Garvey – Co. Leitrim